Turning “I Can’t” into “I Can”: Pandemic Acceptance

I have this anguishing nagging in my gut about not wanting to “do it again”. I have even said “I can’t do this again”. I stomp my feet, put my hands on my hips, and pronounce that “I won’t do it again”.

Talk about resistance!

Whoa, have I been resisting! What is this thing I can’t do again you ask?


The more I say I can’t do this….I won’t do this…I can make it all go away. Ha! Joke’s on me. Carl Jung’s important lesson of “What you resist, persists” seems to fit perfectly.  Life always reminds us that we are not in control, although we don’t often learn this lesson easily. In thinking about turning this “can’t/won’t do it again” upside down, I reflect on what I can do and here are 3 important pandemic accepting can do(s) to help you move into acceptance!

  1. Find a Mantra/Prayer/Meditation/Song and use it! I have used a variety over time. Last year it was one step, one breath, one thought at a time. Right now, it is the Welcome Prayer by Thomas Keating. Whatever it is, find you one, say it, pray it, sing it, breathe it, feel it in your bones! You can use this when you are feeling overwhelmed and resisting.
  2. Move. We hear this all the time! It is in the science, and it does work. Moving closes your stress cycle. When we can close our stress cycle, we are able to “move” in more symbolic ways of acceptance. It is not all or nothing so if all you have is 5 minutes to move, then do it. Go ahead, get moving! 
  3. Be grateful. It doesn’t matter if you write it, speak it, or think it but be conscious about it every day! Bonus points if you can connect your gratefulness to thanking someone.

There are certainly more can do(s) that could be added. Perhaps after reading this, you are already adding to the can-do list.  Choose at least one thing you can do and stick to it! You will thank yourself on the other side of this and so will others!

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