Navigating the Seasonal Slumps

I must be honest…I have been in a slump! The winter months prove to be most difficult for me during any given year. Shorter days, less sunlight, cold and dreary, yet still the same expectations from all those counting on me when the days are longer and the space I live in is brighter. Seasonal slumps are real and figuring out how to navigate taking care of yourself and your commitments without taking a complete nose-dive is a challenge. Here are three ways you can navigate the seasonal slump:

  1. Get the right amount of sleep. Shorter days have some of us in our pajammies as soon as we see the sun setting and in my corner of the world that can be 5pm. Similar to not getting enough sleep, too much sleep can also negatively impact your mood. 8 hours is the magic number of sleep for most humans AND remember that women indeed do require more sleep!


  1. Close the stress cycle daily. Even with shorter days there is still chronic stress… and by chronic stress I mean everyday normal stress. Creating space and opportunities to address the stress will assist us in keeping our heads above the seasonal slump. Move, laugh, pray, meditate, and spend time with those who lift you up.


  1. Hydrate. I know you hear this a lot, and you are thinking I know, I know, enough about hydration! Winter months are dry and many of us up our caffeine intake with warm delicious coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate. Plus, some of us are going to bed when it’s dark and don’t have as many hours to hydrate!! Make sure you are still getting the right amount of water in that precious body of yours!


The good news for those of us in the South the winter months are short lived, and I can tell the days are already getting longer. In the meantime, if you are struggling with the seasonal slump and need help with getting through the last push try these shifts….Spring is coming!

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